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Amazing colours and vibrant print
100% Microfibre
Memory EVA insole for maximum comfort
Robust and flexible rubber outsole with steel shank
Real stitch on the outsole for style & durability? Water resistant


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Men, Women


US10 (EU42), US10 (EU44), US10.5 (EU42.5), US10.5 (EU44.5), US11 (EU43), US11 (EU45), US11.5 (EU44), US11.5 (EU45.5), US12 (EU44.5), US12 (EU46), US13 (EU47), US3-EU35, US3.5 (EU35.5), US4-EU36, US4.5 (EU35), US4.5 (EU36.5), US5 (EU35.5), US5-EU37, US5.5 (EU36), US5.5-EU38, US6 (EU36.5), US6-EU39, US6.5 (EU37), US6.5 (EU39.5), US7 (EU38), US7 (EU40), US7.5 (EU39), US7.5 (EU40.5), US8 (EU39.5), US8 (EU41), US8.5 (EU40), US8.5-EU42, US9 (EU40.5), US9 (EU42.5), US9.5 (EU41), US9.5-EU43


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