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Proud to be a part of my country and look for stylish and unique shoes?
Inspired by the country’s flag, we created shoes with stylish & unique design, as a tribute to the land from where you were born

  • Breathable, lightweight textile upper and the molded heel shield make greater structure, lock your foot in the right place and protect your ankle from injury by offering better support
  • Durable, wear-resistant & anti-slip materials make our products your best choice on slippery and wet terrain, ensuring safety when you go briskly or jogging
  • The upper with venting holes offers good breathability and sweat perspiration to make you feel dry and comfortable during exercise
  • The weight is 700-1300g without including the shoe box and heel height is about 3-4cm depends on shoe size

1Stcountry always provides high-quality products and services

  • If any dirt or damaged product upsets you or for some reason you’re just not happy with the one you received, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], we are always here to help and provide you with the best after sale service!
  • Please make sure to read the sizing chart before ordering to avoid ordering wrong sizes

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Men's JD 13, Woman's JD 13


US 10 (EU 41), US 11 (EU 42), US 11 (EU 45), US 12 (EU 43), US 12 (EU 46), US 12.5 (EU 47), US 13 (EU 48), US 1O (EU 44), US 5 (EU 35), US 6 (EU 36), US 6 (EU39), US 7 (EU 37), US 7 (EU 40), US 7.5 (EU 38), US 8 ( EU41, US 8 (EU 39), US 8.5 (EU 42), US 9 (EU 40), US 9.5 (EU 43)


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